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Conceiving a baby: Things future dads should avoid

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Future dads, who are trying to conceive, would do well to avoid the following things:

  • Hot water baths: Heat around the testicles may affect a man’s ability to conceive. One reason why men have testicles that hang outside the body is that it makes them cooler and improves their capacity to produce healthy sperm. Soaking in a hot bath or spa will therefore adversely affect your sperm production. Besides, it will also harm immature sperm before it develops. Thus, bathing in hot water today may end up reducing the fertility of your sperm up to three months down the line.

  • Warm underwear: Warm or tight underwear can also affect your sperm production by raising the temperature in the groin area.

  • Too much cycling: If you are an enthusiastic cyclist who cycles daily, you may run the risk of reducing your sperm count. This is because of the overheating of the testicles caused by the fact they remain squeezed between the legs and the seat of the cycle.

  • Sex, in case of yeast infection: If you suffer from a yeast infection, avoid having sex with your spouse. You run the risk of infecting your spouse, who can pass the infection back to you and so on. A yeast infection will generally make intercourse less pleasant, and therefore reduce the number of times you have sex; this could indirectly affect your chances of conception. Some also believe that the creams or suppositories used to treat yeast infections may interfere with successful conception.
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