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The big O – will an orgasm hurt the pregnancy?

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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If you can’t even get yourself to think about having sex with your pregnant spouse, consider a few of these facts:
  • Women experience a heightened sensitivity towards their bodies during pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women crave physical satisfaction and are open to sexual experimentation.
  • Women enjoy receiving oral gratification when pregnant. It lets them know that you are not queasy about the pregnancy.
  • Some women experience better-than-ever orgasms when they are pregnant. There is no need for couples to see this as a taboo or dangerous act.
  • Women are known to become multi-orgasmic during pregnancy and the euphoric hormonal rush released through the orgasm is good for the baby too.
  • The baby will not suffer any pain or damage no matter how big the size of your penis, provided you use safe methods while having sex. Mostly this involves keeping the pressure off your partner’s abdomen.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that having an orgasm can trigger off premature labor, even in the third trimester.
  • Having intercourse will not rupture her membranes.
O is for Oral Sex

If you feel uncomfortable with a direct approach and wish to avoid penetration, there is always the immensely pleasurable option of enjoying oral sex.
  • Oral sex will not harm your spouse or your baby, provided both you and your partner are HIV-negative.
  • If you are unsure about your spouse’s HIV status, you can protect yourself and your partner by using an un-lubricated condom or latex dental dam.
Did you know?

Making a dental dam is easy: just chop off the end of a condom. Next, cut down one side of the latex cylinder. Place this rectangle over the anal area or woman’s genitals while performing cunnilingus.

A note of Caution
  • In case of any unexplained vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramping or leakage of amniotic fluid, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Avoid sexual contact if your spouse has, or has been exposed to, HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease. If in doubt, always use a condom or spermicide.
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