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Happy Father's Day

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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It is only natural that you want to make sure your dad celebrates a happy Father's Day. This is the one day each year when you get to honor him for being a great father. So look no further because here is what you need to create this year's memorable Father's Day.

Rally the troops
Today's fast-paced lifestyle has all of us running around, trying to maximize the 24 hours in a day. The more time we spend hustling, the less time we have together as a family. Enjoying a happy Father's Day as a family is a great excuse to round everyone up. Reach out to your family members at least one month in advance to remind them of the upcoming holiday so they can save the date. As an added surprise, don't tell your dad exactly who will be showing up at your house for the festivities. He will feel loved when the doorbell doesn't stop ringing on that day.

Plan core activity
Don't feel stressed out about packing an entire year's worth of fun into one day. It is more than enough if you plan one central event that your family can participate in which requires minimal coordination. For example, you can split into teams and have a board game marathon for the afternoon. Most family dynamics thrive off the thrill of healthy competition. You can also play mini-golf, enjoy a baseball game, go fishing, hiking, or watch home movies. It is just important that you're together so don't focus on every last detail working out perfectly.

The group present
Organizing your family to come up with a gift idea for dad may seem like a daunting task. But if you volunteer to take control of the project then you can be sure that nobody will contest your offer. The pressure is off them plus now you have more money to work with so you can get dad that fancy gift he's been wanting. Just ask that everyone contribute as much money as they feel comfortable giving, and once you have that amount determined then you can brainstorm ideas for his happy Father's Day present.

An ideal gift is one that the recipient would not purchase for himself under normal circumstances. If your father has been eyeing a new pair of golf clubs but does not want to splurge then do the spending for him. If you think your father already has all that he needs or wants in terms of materials items then consider an experimental present such as an overnight excursion to a country bed and breakfast with your mother or a spa package.

Celebratory meal
If your goal is to peacefully gather the whole family together for a happy Father's Day then you may want to stick to a home-cooked meal to avoid both the chaos of a restaurant reservation and the steep price. So buy charcoal, put on an apron, and start up the grill. If your father insists on helping out then go ahead and let him do it. It's his day. But all the preparation work should be done beforehand so take a headcount and then have the house stocked with the necessary supplies for a family barbecue.
Division of labor
If all of this sounds like too much for one person to handle then split up the responsibilities with your siblings. Don't get bogged down by the details though since it will all work out in the end. Regardless of how the day plays out, your father will appreciate your efforts to make this one very happy Father's Day.
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