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Gifts for Traveling Dads

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Paul Banas   Print
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Below find the gifts for traveling dads -

1. If you have the only dad in America without an iPod, the choice is easy.

2. If the dad in your life travels like a maniac, the Kindle probably should be on his list since heís going to find himself on a trip somewhere with no magazine and no internet connection one day. The Kindle packs all that in a small package he can keep at the bottom of his carry-on. The only drawback, other than the price, is that right now the mindless airlines treat it as an electronic device and make you shut it down during take-off and landing, which kind of defeats the purpose.

3. The Tray-Bien - Iím a Francophile and am not in love with the name of this gizmo, but I do think itís very useful if you have the discipline to use it. The Tray Bien is a black sleeve that fits over the tray table creating your own set of pockets including a bottle holder This may seem like a goofy idea, but after I left an ipod in the front seat pocket on my last flight of the day, I see the value. Just remove from seat back, fold and stick in your bag when youíre done. It is another thing to carry, but I always bring mine along now, especially when Iím with the kids since thatís when itís easiest to get distracted and lose your brand new ipod because someone needs to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW (grumble, grumble). NOTE: the Tray Bien is useless on business class seats so skip this if your dad is a high flyer. Invented by a mom and available from $39.95

4. A new head pillow. And while youíre at it, rather than just getting the traditional donut shape, take a gander at the TravelRest Travel Pillow from Hi-Gear Design. It is fatter on one end for your head, and narrower at the other to help support the body.

5. Bialetti espresso pot -Okay, heís not going to get this into his carry-on, but if your dad needs an espresso to get going and lug the full-size Astra to your weekend getaway, this updated version of the classic espresso maker might be the next best thing. Can 50 Million Italians be wrong? $45 on Amazon.

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