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Teenage bed wetting and how to talk to your son about it

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Teenage bed wetting and how to talk to your son about it   Print
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Teenage bed wetting and how to talk to your son about it

No matter the age, bed wetting can be an embarrassing experience for your son. But it's especially troubling once he hits adolescence and moves into his teenage years. It's challenging for a father to broach such a sensitive topic with his son, but it's important you discuss it with him.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, nocturnal enuresis affects roughly 4 percent of boys during adolescence, with the numbers falling to 1.5 percent by the age of 18. There are many factors that can contribute to nighttime bed wetting, such as problems with hormones and bladder issues.

Talk about the problem
For teenagers, bed wetting can become a serious self-esteem issue and can leave them feeling down about themselves, according to GoodNites. Sit down with your son and be as supportive as possible. Show him how to strip and wash his sheets because you want to keep his problem a secret between the two of you.

Establish a system
The key to working on bed wetting problems is to come up with an alarm system to avoid any further events. You can have your son set his own to make sure he uses the bathroom in the middle of the night. The Children's Health Network suggested that you could also help condition your son by waking him up when you go to bed.

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By Mary,   From Chicago
Try using an enuresis alarm. My son and daughter, aged 7 and 8 had bedwetting problems. I waited too long. The pediatric urologist recommended a bedwetting alarm. There are many to chose from. We chose the Chummie bedwetting alarm for its features. You should look into any alarm that suites your need.

Good luck!

By Barbara,   From Farmington Hills
Chronic bedwetting that continues into the teen years points to a deep sleep disorder. By this time parents and the teen can feel like they have tried and failed because the focus is on the symptom (bedwetting) rather than the real issue.
Teenagers do not want to continue talking about the problem, they want to talk about a solution.
The Enuresis Treatment Center has a well established program to stop chronic bedwetting regardless of the age of the patient.

By Mike,   From Richmond
Communication is the key. My son also wet his bed and it caused a lot of angst in our family for years. His pediatrician was of no help and a visit to the pediatric urologist when he was 13 was of no help either. We finally found out about bedwetting alarms from a friend - not his doctor - and that was what he needed. There is a great resource called the Bedwetting Store online that has a ton of information. We bought a wireless alarm called the Rodger.

By the way. Really of fan of your site. Tons of mom sites out there so it's nice to see one for dads.

By Emily,   From New York
Bedwetting is a very big issue for parents doesn't matter the child is a small kid or a teenager. I would recommend Chummie Bedwetting Alarms.

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