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Help your baby communicate with you

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As babies grow up, their efforts at communication become increasingly complex. Apart from trying to speak, they may also attempt use gestures to convey. These are some of the ways in which babies may try to communicate with you:

  • Producing sounds that are recognizable such as “dada,” “mama,” etc.
  • Using facial expressions to communicate their likes and dislikes
  • Using fingers to point to people and objects
  • Using body language and gestures
    Responding or reacting to things you say

There are many things you can do to encourage your baby to interact with you. They include:

  • Continuing to talk to your baby at all times
  • Including repetitive phrases to help your baby to learn new words
  • Pointing out people and things while saying their names
  • Encouraging your baby to speak the name when you point to someone or something
  • Singing to your baby
  • Reading to your baby from a book while pointing out the pictures
  • Using facial expressions while facing and speaking to your baby

Individual children differ in the pace at which they learn things. While some start walking first, others seem more adept at mastering language. If your baby seems to be somewhat late in speaking, it is natural for you to be concerned. However, if your baby seems to respond to the sound of your voice by imitating or gesturing to you, there may not be any cause for worry. Contact your doctor, however, if you think that your baby seems oblivious to the sound of your voice or other sounds.


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