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How to Play with Your Ten Month Old Baby

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Babies around ten months of age will enjoy being introduced to new toys or games. This is because they become increasingly curious and variety stimulates them. Exposure to newer experiences helps their ability to perceive and understand things better.


These are some of the ways in which you can play with you 10 month old child:

  • Encourage your child to imitate what you do. Clap your hands, pull your nose, toss a ball and get your child to do these things just like you. Then start improvising on the theme. For instance, you pull your child’s nose, so that your child pulls yours.

  • Children at this age are fascinated about how things fit inside other things. Show your child how to collect assorted toys and put them into a box. Then teach your child to empty the box into another container.

  • Hide a toy inside a box or bag and encourage your child to retrieve it.

  • Teach your child to balance blocks to build a column and then give it a nudge to see it collapse.

  • Show your child how to push a ball or a toy truck along. Play a game where both of you push the toy across the floor to each other.

It is important that you remember that these play sessions are primarily meant to be enjoyed. Do not force your child to ‘learn’ at the cost of fun. Allow you’re the baby space to grow and develop. However, if you are concerned about some aspect of your child’s behavior, consult your pediatrician.

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By ambreen,   From delhi

By unaiza,   From lahore

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