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Baby Sign Language

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It's late at night and your baby refuses to stop bawling and go to sleep. You know your baby wants something but you just can't figure out what. After hours of tears and screams, your exhausted baby finally drifts off to sleep, leaving you frustrated and feeling guilty about causing him so much sorrow. How many times have you encountered this scenario?

Babies cry largely because they want their needs to be met. Problem is baby can't tell you what he wants so he will keep crying until you meet his need. However, teaching your baby sign language can help you communicate with your baby and minimize tears.

What is baby sign language?

Speech is a very complicated process and requires breath regulation, control of vocal chords, etc. That is why children do not begin talking until after they are a year old. Even then, most children are capable of speaking only a few words. Baby sign language gives your baby a non-verbal outlet to express thoughts and needs.

Aren't babies too young to be taught sign language?

Critics of baby sign language claim that babies are too young to learn communication. But if you think about it, almost every baby can wave goodbye in response to a person leaving. So a baby can communicate as long as he knows how. Teaching your baby sign language has an additional benefit. The American Academy of Pediatrics has conducted research, which monitored the verbal skills of children who were taught sign language as babies. The results were that these children's verbal skills were more developed than those who were not taught to sign.

When should I start teaching my baby sign language?

You can introduce your baby to sign language from 6 months. Remember that most babies develop the ability to sign only after 8 months so don't worry if your baby cannot sign back yet. If you are unsure how to teach your baby, there are plenty of baby sign language classes available. Here, a professional can guide you on the best way to teach your baby to sign.

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By sge,   From jaxie
wow what an amazing thing

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