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Play Ball!

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Jim Silver   Print
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Being a huge sports fan, I love sports toys. However, there haven’t been too many good ones introduced over the last few years that were truly kids friendly. Luckily, there’s a new line of EA branded sports toys being introduced by Toy Island that are not only great for kids, but Dads will be battling to get their fair share of playtime.

My favorite, being a huge football fan, is the Voice Command Quarterback. Here’s a sports toy that can be played indoors! There are three different targets to throw at with a child friendly size football and three different electronic games that allow you to simulate being a Pro Quarterback. I played this game for thirty minutes, and I think it’s great for Dad, let alone kids!

The most popular sports toy of the bunch will clearly be the Voice Command Pitching Machine. Have no friends around, no problem! Take this pitching machine outside and you call the pitch you want to hit. Fastball, Change Up, or Sinker? You decide the pitch! This is great for young kids to spend some time alone in batting practice or play with a friend.

Soccer is one the biggest participation sports in the US for young kids, and the Sure Shot Soccer is a great way for kids to play and improve their accuracy. The soccer net is broken down into three segments, left, center, and right. Each part of the net has electronic sensors, the different games will have you shooting to improve your aim and trying to score the game winning goal before time runs out. Your kids will practice and have fun at the same time.

Those are my three favorites from the line, but there are also Hockey and Basketball Sports Toys being introduced by Toy Island and EA for fans of all of the major sports. The best part of these toys: Dad will like them as much as their kids!

                                                                                                                                                                       - By Jim Silver

Jim Silver is recognized as one of the preeminent experts in the toy, licensing, and family entertainment industries. As editor-in-chief of family entertainment website, Silver and his team provide adults with information on what’s fun for children and their families, including toys, games and trends.

Silver is also editor in chief of trade publications Royaltie$: The Journal of the Licensing Industry and Toys & Family Entertainment at aNb Media. You can follow him on Twitter.
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