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Time to Play's Best gifts for Kids 2011

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Jim Silver   Print
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While it's always great to get your kids the toys at the top of their wish lists, I've always look for gifts that allow my kids and I to share an experience together. Whether itís games, activities or sports toys, I always enjoy that time where I can play with my kids and we'd both enjoy sharing the experience.

Toys have changed through the years, but the way kids play hasnít. Although today's kids are surrounded by iPads, iPods and cell phones, they still play in similar ways that we did growing up; the technology is just a little more advanced. Here's a list of new toys that today's kids and fathers will enjoy playing together.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game - The most popular app comes alive in an offline game. This hot seller allows you to set up the environment and play like the Angry Birds that exists on your smartphone, except here you really get to catapult the bird. 

Beyblade Metal Fusion - You create your own tops for battle, choose a battle ring, and Let it Rip. What's not to love?

Connect 4 Launchers - A new twist on Connect 4. You still need 4 in a row, but now you get to launch the discs in order to win. It's a lot of fun for kids of any age.

Crayola Jewelry Boutique - While this isn't my favorite activity, as a father of three daughters, this toy is something I would have enjoyed with my girls. The journey to make the jewelry is a fun process and the end product is something girls will really like.

FyrFlyz - I call this the "modern day" yo-yo. FyrFlyz is a toy on a string, but with lights that allow you to perform amazing tricks. It's VERY addicting and tough to put down once you start.

The Logo Board Game - As your kids get older, it's tougher to find toys that everyone will like. Here's a trivia game that tests your knowledge of the brands that you see every day, whether it's Lucky Charms or FedEx. Fun for all, and the playing field is level. This game is best played with teenage children.

The Millennium Falcon by Lego - The new Millennium Falcon is one of the coolest construction toys ever made. With over 1,000 pieces, building this ship can be a great two-person activity, and who doesn't love Star Wars?

Trivial Pursuit Disney for All Edition - Trivial Pursuit has been around for 25 years, but this edition has changed the types of questions that are asked, making it easier for younger kids to play. Families get to battle to see who knows their Disney Trivia best, whether itís about movies, theme parks, shows or classic characters.

- By Jim Silver

Jim Silver is editor-in-chief of, a playful family website which provides information, entertainment and services on whatís fun for children.
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