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Great Gifts for Expectant Dads

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Still thinking about what to get Dad for the holidays? Let guide you with our top recommendations of gift suggestions for dads. And, since we're dads ourselves, we went beyond the usual suspects of slippers, ties, sports and other predictable presents to offer ideas that will not only surprise him but will let him know that you truly appreciate all he does. If he’s just about to have a baby, or has one already at hoem, there are a lot of cool things that look at parenthood from a dad’s perspective.

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DadGear Diaper vest - $77.95 It’s amazing no one ever thought of this before, but the guys at Daisy Gear have come up with a striking modern vest that also has all the pockets a dad needs to store the stuff for a trip to the park or an afternoon at a museum. In the worst case, mom can “pre-load” it for him and send him on his way. On purchase use the GreatDad15 code to avail of a special 15% discount.

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Shake Away Latte - $7.99 We think this is one smart little gadget sure to please any new dad who has to travel with a little one. Put formula in one chamber, and water in the other. At the required moment, you move them together, shake and milk is ready. It elminates the need for measuring and mixing powder, as well as carrying multiple bottles.


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Strollometer - $ 39.75 Any dad who has pushed a stroller for a few years has wondered how many miles he’s traveled walking behind the thing. The strollometer uses patent-pending technology to fit virtually every stroller and solve this eternal riddle.

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The Expectant Father – Armin Brott $ 9.56 Our friend, Armin Brott has been writing books on fatherhood for fifteen years and this book is considered a classic for new dads.

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Why Babies Do That: Baffling baby behavior explained - $10.85 Dads love esoteric information, especially when it provides a counterpoint to the old wive’s tales he’s hearing from his mother-in-law.Here’s a book that’s fun to read that will set them all straight.

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