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Techno Gifts for Dads

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Geek is sexy this holiday season, so let him know you love this part about him. These gifts are different enough to appeal to the technology-oriented but also fun for every dad.

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ViewSonic ViewDock 22” – $981.64 this is a dandy monitor sure to please any multimedia dad.   It’s the only flat panel monitor with a built-in ipod dock.  And it also has three front-loading USB ports and stereo speakers, all for the price of similarly performing screens. 

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Faucet Light –  $19.99 Good for nothing but the high tech appeal is this little light that straps on the bathroom faucet and gives off a soothing blue glow when he’s up in the middle of the night getting a little one a glass of water.

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Pyramat Video game chair - $149.95 Pyramat Video game chair. Indulge his video game lust with this video game chair that uses high power speakers to provide surround sound action and vibration.

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Walkie Talkies -  $39.99– I’ve never met a dad who didn’t want a pair of walkie-talkies when he was a kid.  Now, with kids of his own, he has a reason to get a pair. Perfect in places where there is no cellphone coverage (like mountain hikes, ski resorts, ocean cruises) and even around the neighborhood for keeping tabs on little kids in the yard, walkie talkies are like magic.  These come complete with static-y reception and a button he can push to say “over.”   (hands-free mode also available).

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Illuminated ant farm – $29.99 Smarthome. So much cooler than old-fashioned sand ant colonies, this Ant Farm Gel Colony is fun for dads and and other scientists in your house. Even a beleaguered dad can while away hours wondering why the ants do it. The answer is in the gel, which is their home, food and source of moisture. Good for kids 6+. Just make sure they keep the lid closed.
Above techno gifts can be presented as father’s day gifts for divorced dads.
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