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Top 5 iPhone Apps for the Lazy Husband

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Lilly Gordon   Print
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Throughout the centuries, man has been baffled by the complexities of woman. Her bewitching scent, beguiling eyes and that come hither hip wiggle. Women were made to entice men – and men were made to hunt, gather and mate. Unfortunately for you suckers, times have changed: putting food on the table isn’t enough. We want it all: the ultimate Dad, the doting husband, and the romantic meaningful gifts. And now comes the part that should have all men smiling ad high-fiving – the invention of the instructional iPhone App – the single easiest way to become a better husband.

They have apps to alert you to birthdays, apps to give you recipes… Hell, they even have apps to teach you how to do the laundry. There are no more excuses fellas – the technology is here.

1. Fun Flower Facts App
Cost: Free
This app comes from online florists, Grower Direct. It is designed to give you all the knowledge and help you need to provide your lady love with beautiful blossoms whenever, wherever. These relationship geniuses provide anniversary ideas, even ideas for last-minute Christmas gifts. Take advantage of their truly helpful "Guys Guide to Giving Flowers." It doesn’t get much easier than this. (And, while you’re there, you can learn what monobotanic means, just for fun.)

2. Sorry Cards
Cost: $0.99
This app is pretty straightforward: it lets you send sorry cards to your wife when you have wronged her. Again. No man should be without this app, married or not. We all know men have trouble saying they’re sorry – now you can do it with a puppy with sad eyes saying “I’m Sowwy…” Believe me, it works.

3. Family Fun – Family Friendly Activities
Cost: $1.99
There is nothing women love more than a dedicated, spontaneous Dad. The problem most men have is coming up with ideas that will excite and energize the whole family. That’s where this app comes in. It provides even the dullest of dudes with plenty of interactive ideas for you and the kiddies. Scavenger Hunt anyone…?

4. Great Dates  -Fun Idea Manager
Cost: $0.99
Your lady deserves a date night!! One that doesn’t include beer (unless that’s what turns her on.) This fun app lets you choose from hundreds of fresh and classic date ideas. It even has a place for you to record your own great date ideas so you can relive the magic.

5. Sex Positions FREE*
Cost: Free
Last, but certainly not least, the app that will help you light that flame of passion again. This highly rated app has 79 positions included for you to study and master with your partner. It uses resources like the Kamasutra and will ensure constant Karma in the bedroom. It even includes a fun game for you and your mate to play when you’re in the mood.
*This app is rated 17+ so you might want to bury it in a “private” app folder so the kids don’t get a hold of it.

So there you have it: 5 great iPhone apps to woo your lady. You can even try all 5 in one day… Purple roses in the morning, a quick sorry card for not picking up your socks the night before, a living room picnic with the kids, a romantic date, all topped off with a randy tryst in the sack with your number one gal. It’s not for the faint of heart, but she’ll never call you lazy again.

Lilly Gordon is a freelance web publisher and writer. She is a Mom of two, stellar wife (most of the time) and enjoys writing and researching on a variety of topics, especially marriage, parenthood and ways for her husband to order cheap bouquets of flowers… hint, hint.

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