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The other four-letter word

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Bill Bounds   Print
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My wife and I have tried very hard to work with our daughter regarding sharing. Somehow, though, despite our best efforts and our going out of our way to never use this word, her new favorite word has lately become, ďMINE!Ē We truly donít know where she learned the concept of mine or even the word, but she has grabbed hold of it and is refusing to let go.

I have yet to determine the best way to handle this, but Iíve resorted to removing from her possession anything that she grabs with a strenuous ďMINE!Ē and telling her itís not hers and she can have it back when she asks nicely. Sometimes, itís clear to me sheís only pulling the mine-card because sheís in a foul mood and is bent on arguing with me about anything that happens to be within fingerís reach. Whatís frustrating to me, beyond the arguments that are bound to follow that first shout of the dreaded new word, is that some of the items sheís insistent are hers I donít actually mind her having at that moment, but I feel I canít reward this very negative behavior, so I take it from her and say itís not hers and she can have it back when she stops yelling and says, ďPlease.Ē  

I donít believe thereís much else to be done to address this very common problem at the age of two-and-change, as more complex concepts and reasons behind social cues are probably not within her repertoire at this moment, but I feel Iím at least laying a good foundation that itís not acceptable to grab things without asking and that she canít have everything she wants simply because she demands them.

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