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Top ways to tell if your wife is pregnant - maybe even before she does

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Pregnancy is usually accompanied by a number of telltale signs. If your spouse is pregnant, these pregnancy symptoms will most likely let you know—much before a medical test confirms your happy suspicion. Read on about how to identify signs that could tell you that your spouse is going to become a mother.

  • Your spouse may report increased sensitivity in her breasts. While some women experience this only around their nipples, in others, this feeling extends to the entire breasts.

  • You may see a cluster of bluish veins appear around the breasts.

  • The areola, or the dark circular portion around the nipples, may reveal small, lighter colored bumps.

  • Your spouse's vaginal area may swell. She may also experience vaginal discharge due to the increased blood flow in this region.

  • Changes in your spouse's skin may also be a pregnancy symptom. Acne, rashes, and drying or chapping of the lips is quite common during pregnancy.

  • Many pregnant women also experience a dull cramping pain that is similar to what they experience before or during menstruation.

  • Heartburn may be another sign that could suggest your spouse is pregnant.

  • Morning sickness, characterized by nausea, is a common pregnancy symptom.

  • Your spouse may become intolerant to many smells. Even smells she liked earlier may cause her nausea.

  • Another sign of pregnancy is if your spouse suddenly starts complaining of increasing fatigue.

  • The early stage of pregnancy may also be marked by heightened hunger pangs. At the same time, your spouse may actually develop an aversion for many foods that she relished earlier.

  • Heightened emotional sensitivity is another common pregnancy symptom. Your spouse may display erratic mood changes during this phase in her life.

While these pregnancy symptoms are often reliable pointers, only a medical test will be able to confirm this.


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By ryan,   From london
I don't know if my wife is pregnant or not. She is quiting smoking. And all the withdrawel effects are the same as being pregnant?

By karven,   From New York
Folks, listen. You need to do is possible for her, give her the best care, make her happy. Nothing is more important than her stomach baby. You can prepare in advance a baby room, you can choose the right variety of toys placed in the baby room inside the toyswill, perhaps you moved to tears make her move.

By jc,   From Johannesburg
My gf things that se is pregnant and I dont know what toe doe se mist hir periad for 3 days now help me plz

By leon,   From paterson
My gf told me her breast feels bigger and her stomach got big too. she wants to eat ice cream and buffalo wings. she was crying duting a movie. could this also be a sign of pregnacy?

By King,   From macomb
Its more effective to use real words not cos and blah blah blah. THESE are the people in America having babies...yet we wonder why our society has become so dumbed down. Its fact that dumb people raise dumb children

By mike,   From clovis
My wife has everything. I am only 18 and need help

By henry,   From portharcourt
Two yrs ago wen we had our first son,wen my wife first took in,my penis couldn't perform for like three to four days and now we are experiencing it today and we had sex last nite could it be dat she is pregnant cos i couldnt perform today.wat should i do cos
am confused. tanks

By faith,   From usa
Thank you Doctor Deva for your help because since i have been married to my husband i have not be able to get my own kid and my mother in law wants me out of the house because she think i can't give bath to a baby but since you cast a spell for me and it been five months now since you cast a spell for me and i started seeing changes in me i and my husband are now happy now and we are expecting our baby by June i am very grateful for your help doctor Deva Email: lakshmantemple@gmail. com you are more than just a father to me.

By listentothewoman,   From ny
I saw the man's comment that guys knowing about the girl being pregnant before her is a bad thing. No its not. It shows you are in tune with our bodies and you know somethings wrong. My man knew i was before i found out and with our son i didn't have a lot of visible symptoms either. So when i told him i was and he told me i already know i was in shock. I asked him how. The first thing he told me was my breast grew. The second was the location and feeling of my cervix. When a girl is not ovulating or pregnant her cervix is down low and kind of hard. During valuation it goes soft and up high. If conception happens it says like that throughout the whole pregnancy. When a guy knows a woman's body that well he can tell internal changes like that.

By Anonymous,   From Kentucky
Hey gene what a dumb thing to say. yes we know women have their territories but pregnancy is a joint effort if u felt that way why don't you just advise guys on here to respect their wives territory and not have sex with them. A man must know the type of woman he is involved with so he can make the judgement as to whether or not he would be overstepping boundaries by telling his wife she is pregnant before she does (and if you tell a woman that she would probably think you are joking and you guys can laugh about it later if it is so). Besides most women love when their spouses realize stuff that is going on with them it shows them that they care enough to pay attention

By john,   From Ofallon
My wife and i were walking and out of nowhere she wets herself. she told me she had no earge to pee. Could this mean she is preg.?

By Adore,   From New York
:) Men tell your Wives!

This website is great.
Us , women... Love when a man just KNOW's WHAT TO DO , SAY , THINK,ACT & FEEL. Espeacially, HOW TO FIX/MAKE THINGS BETTER.

...if your Wife/Girlfriend doesn't like that.
Re-Evaluate your Relationship.

By Temi,   From Lagos
Hey we were puting on cloths and i lie on my wife body but i didn't put my penis on her viginal and she is having this sytoms

By Gene,   From Peach County
Listen guys, we don't have any business trying to find out if our wife is pregnant, before she knows. Listen men,let the women have their territory.We are overstepping our boundaries when we do that. The topics for this website and forums need to be a little more respectful to a woman's territory. Some things we have no business making decisions on and we know better.

By emeka,   From onitsha
ur doing a great.pls with all this symtoms,can there possibility of not being pregnant?

By rawle,   From georgetown
my wife has most of those symptoms and her stomach is bloating....... he mc is due today and she has seen it. what should i do

By frog,   From bloomfield
my soon to be wife is feelin most of the symtoms from the above. im askn cause i dont wanna get all happy for something if its not there u know. if a test comes up negative is there a possible chance she is? her mc is due in 6 days once that doesnt come then is that safe to assume she is please responed befor i find out from her thanks for the info dan

By bb,   From tejas
my wife is experiencing most if not all of these symptoms but she has an irregular mc, is it possible she might be pregnant? i would love for the test to be positive.-CORRECTION

By bb,   From tejas
my wife is experiencing most if not all of these symptoms but she has an irregular mc, is it possible she might be pregnant? i would love for the yest to be positive.

By zackery,   From DECATUR
She usually has alot of the symptoms already listed. The sensitive breast,Acne,pain in stomach area. She has had 2 kids already but everytime she thinks she is pregnant she never is. So I am wondering how to tell if she really is this time?

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