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Dad’s tips for managing toys

We’re all overwhelmed with toys for our kids.  Kids get toys at birthdays, holidays, from grandparents, as party favors, and they threaten to overflow all toy baskets brought in to keep them under control.  Here are a few tips for helping kids get the most out of the toys they do have.  Keeping the number under control is up to you.

1. Let your child discover an explore a toy fully, without interruptions or “corrections.”  This is often a challenge for dads, who also want to get in there and play.

2. If  your child becomes frustrated, provide gentle instruction, but don’t criticize.

3. Rotate toys so your child does not become easily bored.  Take full boxes down to the basement and bring them back periodically. The kids will be amazed to “re-find” old favorites that they previously had not looked at for months.

4. Mix it up – make sure you have a variety of toys that will encourage exercise, imagination, communication, coordination, and problem-solving.