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A new Advent calendar

Okay, so maybe it brings Christmas down to even a crasser commercial level, but the kid in us kind of likes these Advent calendars from Lego and Mattel. Kids are as thrilled by a tiny tiny surprise as they are with the $100 doll or train set (well maybe…). Ever watch them with a ten cent toy at the dentist’s office. These calendars, while not religious in any way, are just a way to build up the excitement until Christmas day. So, if you’ve bought into Christmas as a big day full of gifts for the kids, with all the baggage that comes with it, you might like these.

I’m going to get them for my kids, though I’m sure my wife will have to hold her nose (and her tongue!). LEGO┬« City Advent Calendar ($24.99) and Polly Pocket 24-Piece Snowflake Advent Calendar ($14.99).