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Free Father’s Day gift for iPhone lovers (or others)

I love this little gift, and so much better than a ceramic ashtray. It’s a simple iPhone, iPod, or iTouch stand that actually is something dad will use.

I never was interested in an iPhone stand until I got one free along with an inCase iPhone case. It was a goofy little piece of plastic, and I laughed at it when the sales guy showed it to me. “Now that’s something I don’t need, I thought. At least, until I found myself watching a movie on four hour flight and got tired holding the phone and trying to prop it on a coffee cup. The little stand really did the trick, but of course, I lost it almost immediately. I searched Google for “iPhone stands” and found plenty for $20! Hey, that’s just not right. Then, I spotted this little guy: a perfect and portable iPhone stand that costs less than a penny and is a perfect gift for kids to make for dad.

All you need is the bigger size paper clip and a pliers to do the bending. It’s an easy project a ten-year old could do.

You can find static directions and commentary at Paperclip iPhone Stand.