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Now this is cool – Eye-Fi wireless memory card ends cables to your digital camera

How many times has this happened to you? You get to a wedding or little league game only to find that your digital camera memory card is full. You then spend the next 10 minutes making choices on which photos to delete. Or this: You sync your SD memory card at home and forget the card in the reader. The next time you take your camera out you realize how worthless a digital camera is without any memory.

The Eye-Fi SD Card is definitely something dads need. 1000 to one, you’re the chief IT support in your house. And, if you have multiple laptops and desktops, mom probably expects you to download pix onto her computer before you empty the memory card. Along with all the other hassles of daily life, it’s never fun being the manager of the SD memory card.

This cool little gadget, $99.99 at Amazon, ends at least one of the minor annoyances of life. The Wi-Fi feature AUTOMATICALLY uploads the pictures in your digital camera to your Mac or PC, or GET THIS, to a photo sharing, blogging, or social networking site. And $99.99 covers a 2GB card – seems like I paid that much for a non-WIFI 512MB card just last year!