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Dads Reading Aloud to Build Their Children’s Love of Reading

Teaching reading to people who hate books is like teaching swimming to people who hate water. – David Eskey

Perhaps the biggest benefit of dads reading aloud is that it inspires children to love reading. Children imitate people who they look up to. When they see dads reading, aloud or silently, they want to read too. Our excitement for books is contagious. Children will become ‘infected’ with dad’s excitement and develop a life-long case of love for reading.


When dads read aloud to children, they see how reading helps meet their needs, such as the need for entertainment and the need for information. Furthermore, because of the special bonds that reading aloud helps children form, they may continue throughout their lives to associate reading with pleasant times. Come on dad, introduce your kids to the world of books.


Dad reminder: You can start to read to your kids at ANY age. It’s fun for the kids and dad. It really is a dad duty!


A man ought to read just as inclination leads him, for what he reads as a task will do him little good. – Samuel Johnson 

George Jacobs, Ph.D. and Wan Loh Inn, Ed.D.


Dr. George Jacobs, Ph.D. and Dr. Wan Loh Inn, Ed.D. are the authors of many books (including “The Read Aloud Guide”, textbooks for teachers and students, curriculum guides, and children’s storybooks).


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