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Guide for Dads: The Technical Side of Book Creation

Once the book is written and the illustrations are done, dads need to publish the book so that it can go on the shelf along with the other books in children’s home library. Perhaps, children can even have a special place on the shelf for the books they wrote themselves.


There are many ways to make self-created books, ranging from the cheap and easy to the expensive and time-consuming. Some printing shops will be happy to help us, but why not save money by doing everything ourselves with the children?


Here are some areas to consider:

a.  The simplest thing to do is to make a book by folding a piece of paper.

b.  Equally easy is to put several pieces of paper together and use staples along the left side of the paper.

c.  Bookshops and stationery shops offer folders and files.

d.  Another popular idea is to punch holes along the left side of the paper, thread colorful yarn through the holes and then tie the pieces of yarn. Metal rings can also be placed through the holes.

Dad reminder: You can start to read to your kids at ANY age. It’s fun for the kids and dad. It really is a dad duty!


George Jacobs, Ph.D. and Wan Loh Inn, Ed.D.


Dr. George Jacobs, Ph.D. and Dr. Wan Loh Inn, Ed.D. are the authors of many books (including “The Read Aloud Guide”, textbooks for teachers and students, curriculum guides, and children’s storybooks).


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