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Bedwetting causes: Birth defects and medical conditions

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Any defect in the bladder, bladder tube (urethra), kidney tubes (ureters), and nervous system should be considered when evaluating a child for bedwetting. More than 99% of children, who appear healthy and remain dry during the day, do not have a physical defect or medical problem that would cause bedwetting. In other words, almost all isolated bedwetters do not have an abnormality of the urinary or nervous systems that causes the problem.

A pediatrician or family physician should evaluate each child who bed wets to make sure there are no obvious medical conditions to explain the bedwetting. Your child’s doctor should be able to determine if a birth defect, urinary tract infection, or diabetes is contributing to the problem. A pediatric urologist or general urologist should be consulted if there are any concerns that a doctor or family may have in regards to a possible medical or physical explanation for the child that wets at night.


Dr. D. Preston Smith


Dr. Smith is board certified and he has authored or co-authored many articles, papers, chapters, and books in Urology and Pediatric Urology. His research has been presented throughout the world. Dr. Smith’s dedication to helping children with urologic problems inspired him to establish PottyMD.


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