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Bedwetting causes: Diet

The Potty Trainer

People who treat bedwetting often advise of diet modifications. They commonly limit carbonated drinks, spicy foods, sugar, and caffeine. Some will suggest avoiding milk products and other foods that contribute to constipation. Once you read all of the foods and drinks that “should” be avoided to prevent bedwetting, there is little left that a child can eat and drink.

Even with all of the diet recommendations, studies have not shown a direct correlation between diet and nocturnal enuresis. In other words, there are no direct “diet causes” for bedwetting. It is probably reasonable to limit foods that contribute to constipation if the child who bed wets is constipated.

If a child has daytime potty problems then avoidance of caffeine and other stimulants (like chocolate) should be practiced as well as promoting foods that help cause frequent bowel movements. However, diet is probably not the most important factor that needs to be addressed in children with bedwetting.


Dr. D. Preston Smith



Dr. Smith is board certified and he has authored or co-authored many articles, papers, chapters, and books in Urology and Pediatric Urology. His research has been presented throughout the world. Dr. Smith’s dedication to helping children with urologic problems inspired him to establish PottyMD.


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