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Bedwetting: Pee and Poop holders

The Potty Trainer

Children that use the restroom infrequently without having accidents probably have larger bladders and colons. These infrequent visits to the restroom may eventually cause significant problems in these children. They may develop abdominal pain because their bladder or bowels are extremely full. If they do not urinate often, they may develop urinary tract infections and incontinence. If they do not have regular bowel movements, they may stretch their colon and develop constipation. Eventually poop accidents (encopresis) may occur.


Children that do not use the restroom often may develop belly pain that causes the parents to seek medical advice. This in turn may cause the child to undergo unnecessary testing, x-rays and procedures in order to determine the cause for the abdominal pain. Usually the child is simply not urinating often enough or she has constipation—both of which can be easily treated with correcting daytime potty habits.



Dr. D. Preston Smith


Dr. Smith is board certified and he has authored or co-authored many articles, papers, chapters, and books in Urology and Pediatric Urology. His research has been presented throughout the world. Dr. Smith’s dedication to helping children with urologic problems inspired him to establish PottyMD.