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7 tips for new dads to get more sleep

  1. Trade off nights of sleep with your spouse. No one will like this arrangement, but at least you can get some sleep every other night.
  2. Consider co-sleeping with a newborn. Many people recommend it since co-sleeping babies have a lower incidence of SIDS. But the greatest benefit is that mom can nurse while half-asleep and roll over and go back to sleep immediately. Some moms almost “sleep right through it” and can’t remember nursing during the night.
  3. If you have to get a night of absolute sleep due to job demands, discuss it with your wife and then don’t hesitate to sleep in another room. Just don’t make it a routine.
  4. If you have an early-riser, go to bed when the kids do. Most people think this is a good idea, but fail to implement it since it steals the only time of the day when they get some peace and quiet.
  5. Break the night into shifts. One parent takes the 10–2 and the other the 2-6. The hard part here is that one parent of the two is usually the more “conscientious” of the pair.
  6. Get a rocking cradle and put the baby in it right next to you. 
  7. Gorge the baby with milk. Babies always sleep better after a big meal. Just make sure the inevitable diaper change falls on your spouse’s watch.

– Paul Banas