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A Well-Done Book Starring Your Child

Order your Blanket Full of Love book. We’ve seen a lot of these, but think this one is pretty good. The book “Once Upon a Time” stars your child, with illustrations keyed to his or her skin tone, hair color and hair type. The book also features an optional personalized poly-chenille blanket that is featured in the story and can also be customized by name, as well as color (pink, blue or green).

Knowing how kids love to hear their names, we were a bit disappointed that the book doesn’t feature the child’s name on every page (3 of 11 pages with text), but that may have been difficult for cost reasons. We did like that the one illustration of parent hugging the child is of a dad, though the concept was developed by a mom, Kim Freeman. The message is of the enduring love of a parent for a child, sure to please mom and dad for bedtime reading.

The price is a little steep at $49.95 for the book, and $99.95 for a combo of book and personalized blanket at Starrytime.com. But it is a professional quality book, not a cheap “insert name here” print. It takes 3-5 weeks for delivery, but options are available for a “your gift is on way” card.