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Bring up your Baby

Infants at the age of two months tend to show the following signs of development:

  • They can recognize you.

  • They take interest in different objects, toying with them at times.

  • They become good observers.

  • They scream and smile a lot.

  • They display different emotions such as anxiety and excitement, which they try to vocalize.

  • Some babies tend to sleep for more than 12 hours a day.

As a parent, you need to ensure that the child is provided with the necessary mental and physical stimulation:

  • Cuddle, hug, rock, and hold babies. They love it.

  • Talk a lot. Use different funny sounding words, sing songs, or whisper in your child’s ear.

  • Imitate your baby’s facial expression. Chances are that soon your child will start imitating yours.

  • Create a bedtime routine so that the child understands that daytime means playtime while night is only for sleep.

  • Your baby will cry a lot to catch your attention. Be receptive to the baby’s cues to make the child feel secure.

  • Provide your infant with toys suitable for its age. Hold it away from the child and watch her reach out for it.

  • Let your baby sleep on a firm mattress with no pillows or toys placed on it. It is advisable to prevent children from sleeping on their stomachs.

  • Allow your child to be held by your family members, friends, and close ones.

  • Breastfeeding is the best option for an infant compared to other forms of nutrition.

  • Bathing should be limited to twice or thrice a week using warm water.

  • Use the help of your parents, friends, or childcare specialists to take care of the baby at times while you take time off. Being a parent can be a stressful job!