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Managing Your Time continued…

Plan ahead

Plan menus a week or more in advance. Make a
list of needed groceries and shop only once a
week. Instead of shopping Saturday afternoon
when the store is busy, go on a weekday night.

Combine errands into one trip whenever
possible. The day before a doctor’s appointment,
write down the questions you want to ask.

Simplify when possible

Find a simple hairstyle that needs only washing and brushing. Choose
clothes that look fresh without ironing.

When faced with a big job, avoid the temptation to put it off. Instead, break
it into small parts. Ask about anything you don’t understand. Do one part at
a time. Reward yourself when it’s done.

Free up time

Maybe you can wake up 15 minutes earlier than your baby. You might use
this for exercise or quiet time for yourself.

Divide up chores among family members. When cooking, double the recipe.
Freeze half for when you’re too busy to cook. When someone asks you to dosomething, consider saying no.

Now plan your time for the coming week. Be realistic. Remember that
unexpected things may happen. Be flexible. Keep refining your schedule in
the weeks ahead. You may still feel busy and miss doing some things you
want to do. If so, be patient. In a few years, your child will be in school
most of the day.Your schedule will change.

For now, give yourself a pat on the back. You are doing important things for
yourself and your family. The ways you spend your time now will shape the
rest of your child’s life.

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