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Talking with Your Baby

At four months of age, your baby is already putting together ideas
about speech and sounds. She does this even though she cannot speak.

Even without speech, your baby already knows how to “talk” with you. She“speaks” by being fussy or with happy giggles. She will learn more ways to
let you know her needs, even before she learns to speak. She has learned to
coo and laugh.

Not all sounds and gestures are for communication. Learning to make
sounds is fun for a baby. Hearing the sounds she makes is also fun for her.

Taking turns is part of language. When your baby coos or gurgles, be sure
to listen to her. Then respond. Talk to your baby often. Use both familiar
words and sounds and new words and sounds. This will get her attention
and hold it.

Babies start to learn to talk at different ages. They also learn in different
ways. Talking to your baby a lot helps her learn.

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