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What is it about dads and babies in cars?

A dad shopping at a Best Buy store in Phoenix apparently forgot that his infant girl was with him and left her in his car Thursday morning, Phoenix Fire reported. [From Shopping dad forgets infant in car]

Maybe we new dads need to put a post-it on the windshield that says, “Don’t forget the baby!” On one hand, I can understand how people live very complicated stressed lives, but then I wonder how this can occur. One time — and my daughter remembers it and reminds me all the time — I walked away from the car and left her locked inside. However, she was six years old, my wife was with me, and I realized she wasn’t with us within about ten seconds. I ran back and she was scowling at me, already close to tears.

This article says the dad was distraught. I can only imagine given the treatment he must be getting from neighbors, inlaws, and his wife!