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“Young Zeus” is good bedtime reading for Dads and kids

I don’t know if my son liked this book as much as I did, though I assume so, since we’ve read it a few times now. “Young Zeus” tells the story of how Zeus became Zeus. Having heard about Zeus from Greek mythology, I guess I had always assumed that Zeus was like the biblical God, the first and only. Actually, Zeus is the son of Cronos, who ate all of his children (except Zeus) to avoid the prophecy that one of them would unseat him as king.

Young Zeus” is told as a bedtime story with fantastical illustrations by the author, G. Brian Karas. The characters, including young Zeus’ brothers and sisters, are well-developed and make for good bedtime reading if dad can use a variety of voices. Dad may have to explain to small children why a father would “eat” his kids. That is one part of the story that I hurried through.