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Quiz Contest

The Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest is an Indian quiz contest that began on April 12, 1972. Sponsored by Cadbury India, it is one of India's most famous quiz contests. Originally held live in cities across the country, it later became a radio show and then, in June 1992, a television show on Zee TV. Later, the show was shifted to another television ...read more

Guide for Dads: Final Words – JUST DO IT !

P { margin: 0px; } It doesn’t take a genius to be able to see the benefits of reading aloud. And, it doesn’t take a professional actor to be able to read aloud to children. Yet most adults spend little time reading aloud to children, even their own children.   Why not? Why don’t we dads spend more time reading aloud to children? The ...read more

Guide for Dads: Key Points to Remember About Reading Aloud

P { margin: 0px; } Here is a list of key points to take away after reading these articles: Reading aloud nurtures a love for reading and strong bonds between readers and children. These two goals are more important than using reading aloud primarily to rush children to reading on their own or making a read aloud session into a tutorial sessio ...read more

Guide for Dads: The Technical Side of Book Creation

P { margin: 0px; } Once the book is written and the illustrations are done, dads need to publish the book so that it can go on the shelf along with the other books in children’s home library. Perhaps, children can even have a special place on the shelf for the books they wrote themselves.   There are many ways to make self-created books ...read more

Guide for Dads: Children Making Their Own Books (Starting from Scratch)

P { margin: 0px; } Instead of using another book as a starting point, dads can help children develop more independent book ideas. Here are two suggestions: Children’s experiences can be the subject of the book. For example, after children make a bowl of fruit salad or visit a park, dads can help them write a book about their adventure. Chil ...read more

Guide for Dads: Children Making Their Own Books (Starting from Other Books)

P { margin: 0px; } Many dads may wonder how children can write their own books, when even very few adults write books. There are several ways to make this task easy. The first trick is to use books that dads have already read to the children and to use these books as models. They are not selling these books; they are just for their own use. Ther ...read more

Guide for Dads: Why Children Should Be Encouraged to Make Their Own Books

In addition to reading aloud to children from books written by other people, dads and children can also make their own books. Why children should make their own books It is not difficult for children to make their own books, with a bit of help from dads. But first, let us look at why it is a good idea for children to add to their own home libra ...read more

Guide for Dads: Teaching About Language Through Reading Aloud

P { margin: 0px; } When dads read aloud to them, children are learning many different things. They are learning about the world, they are learning to love books and reading, and they are learning about language. This learning about language occurs mainly as children hear, see and understand the language as it is used. This is a kind of subconsci ...read more

Children Reading Aloud With Us

P { margin: 0px; } As children’s reading ability improves, they may want to read aloud with us, starting off with just saying a word or two that they recognize. Even children who cannot read at all can sometimes read along, either because you have read them the book so many times that they have memorized many of the sentences or because in a p ...read more

Guide for Dads: Getting Children to Comment and Question During Read Aloud

Remember that ‘Reading aloud is a journey, not a race’. To make this journey longer, more valuable and more enjoyable, we adults should not be the only ones talking just because we are the only ones reading aloud. The key point is: Being active can increase children’s understanding, enjoyment and learning. Children’s Comments Dads shoul ...read more

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