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Dad looking at phone

Dad gets bill after son misses the party

Has this ever happened to you? You RSVP for a party and then are a no-show? Certainly unthoughtful, rude, and not the best example for your kids, but have you ever heard of getting charged for it? LONDON – It was not what Derek Nash expected to find in his 5-year-old's school bag: A bill demanding a "no-show fee" for another child's birthday par ...read more

What 6 Weeks of Childbirth-Enforced Celibacy Feels Like

Francis Ma Number of Kids: 2 daughters Current PBS Show of choice: Little Einsteins This is not a joke. You may be wondering why one has to be celibate. While I will not dispense with details, let's just say that childbirth is a very traumatic experience for a woman's body and that it takes time to heal. And because it takes time to heal ...read more

5 Things I Learned in the First Month of Parenting

That first month. Wow. It's indescribable and looking back, part of me doesn't think it really existed. But it did and truth be told, nothing can truly prepare you. The reason is because that first month is all reactionary, much like the first level of a new video game. There's trial and error, and not everything works. Occasionally you get c ...read more

3 Things I Wish I Knew in the Delivery Room

Dads to be. Listen up because I'm about to drop knowledge on you that no one told me. My only hope is that you embrace this truth and hold it close. It could save your life. Before I begin, you should know the following. Every birth is different. Some women get C-sections. Some women have natural births. Some women have children in public places ...read more

Movie Review – ‘Maleficent’

Movie review: "Maleficent" Rated: PG Running time: 1 hour, 37 minutes Release date: May 30, 2014Child friendly? Hollywood is often accused of simply remaking old movies, and while director Robert Stromberg's "Maleficent" isn't exactly an original story, it's a decidedly interesting one. In the same vein as ...read more

When do most kids get a cell phone or start dating?

It might be easy to pretend you're the all-powerful parent when it comes to getting your kids to do their homework and chores, but you may be confused when it comes to more complex things like getting a cell phone and smoking. In these cases, you should know when the average kids start doing things so you can be a more effective dad.Cell p ...read more

What’s the risk you’ll be falsely accused of shaken baby syndrome?

As a father, it's your worst nightmare - not only is your child injured, but you are being accused of hurting him or her. While you probably love your kids too much for this to seem realistic, the Medill University Justice Project found in a review of criminal records that more than 3,000 infants are harmed in shaken-baby syndrome cases each ye ...read more

3 things to do when mom’s away

You and your wife operate as a team, but when she takes an extended vacation, you suddenly have to take care of the kids all by yourself. Take a deep breath and realize that a weekend without mom is a great opportunity for you to bond with your kids like never before. Check out these three things all fathers should do with their kids when mom's ...read more

5 apps to delete from your kids’ phones

As a father, sometimes you might think that the world was a lot simpler when you were growing up. Now, your kids have iPads, iPhones, Xbox 360s and who knows what else. While most of your kids' devices are just harmless toys, you should be wary when it comes to how your kids spend their time on their smartphones.Texting and sharing picture ...read more

Ten Ways to Strengthen Father and Son Relationships

The father-son relationship can be complex. Fathers and sons with widely different interests can find it hard to relate to one another. Sometimes dads and sons feel competitive against one another. Sometimes their male tendencies to not communicate feelings are compounded as both want a better relationship but neither one quite knows how to go abou ...read more

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