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Top 5 Worst Things Parents Do

It sucks that our parenting has such an affect on our children. Especially since we probably didn’t receive such great parenting ourselves. As a result, there a number of really common mistakes that most parents make (MYSELF INCLUDED!) that have long term affects upon our children’s ability to lead a joyful life. This week’s video des ...read more

A Man’s Guide to Making PMS a Gift

PMS can really strain our relationships. If we do not know how to navigate these days, we can make it much worse. If on the other hand, we have a few simple tools, we can make PMS a lot better for everyone and even use this time to support our relationships to deepen. This week’s video will give you the simple tools to be make PMS better fo ...read more

Dads, Daughters & Her 1st Menstrual Cycle

The day our little girls have their first period is a powerful moment in their lives. Unfortunately many dads mess it up. If we know how to be a good dad on this day it can make a huge difference in their life as a woman. Unfortunately most dads don’t know how important they are and leave it to the moms to handle this transition. This w ...read more

Why Pregnancy Sex is So Important

Sex easily falls to the wayside during pregnancy. Research shows that good sex has a significant impact upon not just the relationship, but also a woman's ability to have an easeful and even joyful birth. Unfortunately, sex during pregnancy can be quite complicated for a variety of physical and emotional reasons. This week’s video will out ...read more

Have a Happier Baby, Lose Weight & Save $1000 (Seriously!)

I know this sounds like a bad sales pitch, but I have nothing to sell and this really is true. Over 95% of parents are doing something that has long standing negative implications for their entire family. When you are a new parent, it’s hard to have to think through every decision, particularly when it seems to work for everyone else. Th ...read more

1 Step to Resolve Relationship Conflict

Relationships fail because couples lacks the skills to talk about the hard things in life. Fortunately, this one simple practice is something any couple can do and makes a huge difference. Being able to talk to our partners about the really difficult subjects and resolve hard conflicts is the difference between relationships that thrive and those ...read more

Why Date Nights Fail & How to Revive your Marriage

Date nights are supposed to be the nectar that feeds our relationships in the face of our busy lives and consuming kids. Unfortunately, they are often a disappointment and leave us wondering if we can ever experience the joy we once knew. This week’s video explores the reasons why date nights fail and what you can do instead to revive the joy ...read more

4 Steps to Prevent Divorce

It is really sad that half of us will get divorced. And a huge percentage of those of us who stay married are simply enduring bad relationships. We all think we are different, but the reality is that maintaining a long-term happy relationship takes real skills. This week’s video gives you 4 concrete steps every couple should be doing fro ...read more

Science of Why Dads are Important

Countless studies have shown that having an engaged father greatly increases a child’s chances of having a good life. But why? What is it that dads do that matters so much? If we are familiar with the most crucial aspects then we can focus and make sure to be there for our kids in the best ways possible. This week’s video explores th ...read more

2 Steps to End Erectile Dysfunction without Viagra

Not being able to get an erection and other sexual dysfunctions are devastating & amazingly common for men of all ages. And the problem is usually NOT the plumbing! Sometimes ED can be masked with Viagra, but even that doesn’t always work and it often makes for very functional, but not very enjoyable sex. This week’s video outlines t ...read more

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