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Life Changes After Children

Everyone always says “Once you become a Dad, your life is going to change forever.”  In my case, I thought, “Oh, come on!  How much could it change?” A lot. Four children later, I ‘m here to tell you that life definitely changes after children and here are the type of changes a Dad can expect.  They are all wonderful.  Or, at le ...read more

Five tips for dads in talking with tweens about sex

Curl up with a hardcover dictionary and flip through the pages. You'll soon find that a pussy is a young cat and a cock is a grown rooster. A tit is a small songbird and an ass is a stubborn mule. Now try typing those terms into an online search engine, and you'll get a quick lesson in graphic anatomy, and probably have to run an anti-virus scru ...read more

Four reasons to teach your kid to use power tools

My 9-year-old son pushed the growling lawnmower across our modest lawn, grunting as he struggled to make the sharp turn at the edge of the yard. A pair of passing pedestrians raised their eyebrows as I quickly bent to grab the electric cord out of his path before he sliced the wire. Had I been wrong to agree when he asked to try running this dan ...read more

Pro tips on recruiting the kids for party prep

The winter holidays are a time of magic, warmth, generosity and one more thing – stress. Trying to clean and decorate your home while still keeping an eye on excited kids can bring even a pro dad to his knees. But whether you've got a studio apartment in the city or a single-family home in the suburbs, there are some tested tips for keeping ki ...read more

Five ways to teach your kids about holiday charity

It's great to be a dad during the holidays. You get to play Santa, hang wreathes with blinking lights and tip-toe around the house at night placing presents under the tree. But amid the excitement of seeing kids claiming their Christmas-morning booty, there is a tougher challenge to meet – how to teach your kids about charity. Requests for ...read more

Adolescent masturbation: How to cope with it as a father

Fatherhood can be full of awkward moments with your son, from possible confusion over his first erection to catching him looking at pornography. But not much can compare to walking in on him masturbating.Knock first It'll be a hard lesson to learn, but once your son hits adolescence, you should get into the habit of knocking before entering hi ...read more

So You Caught Your Child Watching Porn

During puberty, your son or daughter experiences both physical and emotional changes as he or she shifts toward adolescence. This can sometimes result in the awkward scenario of catching your child watching porn.Look at subject matter Being a dad, it might feel weird to look at the images or videos your child was viewing, but you need to check the ...read more

3 ways to bring you closer together with your son

The father-son relationship might be one of the deepest bonds that can be shared between two people. There's a seemingly unspoken admiration that sons have for their dads, and fathers are almost always proud of their boys.If you want to get even closer to one another, here are some fun activities that can bolster your relationship.1. Go f ...read more

3 ways to connect with your daughter like you do with your son

While dads can share an unshakeable bond with their sons, it's the father-daughter relationship that might be harder to bolster.There's a bevy of activities for you to do with your son, but there's an equal amount of things to do with your girl. Here are a few ideas to get you going.Hiking This outdoor adventure can help foster ...read more

3 things dads should do everyday to get closer to their teenagers

One of the challenges of fatherhood is getting closer to your children as they grow older. In the beginning, younger kids might never want to leave your side, but once they hit adolescence, it might all fly out the window.To keep your kids close to you, do these three things everyday.1. Make breakfast and dinner These meals are important because th ...read more

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