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Seven things you didn’t know about installing car seats

To ensure your children are as safe as possible, it’s important to buy car seats that fit them correctly and offer the most complete protection at each stage. It’s also critical that car seats fit your vehicles and are installed properly.   With this is mind, we’ve listed seven things parents need to consider when purchasing or instal ...read more

Sound Beginnings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery Device

We’ve certainly heard that playing classical music for your baby in the womb can help with neurological development, but admit to being somewhat skeptical. Is music really beneficial for baby? Or, is this just isolated research and/or the fad of the moment?   As music fans who DJ’d college radio and go to as many live shows as possible, ...read more

Evenflo Mega Splash ExerSaucer

Evenflo Mega Splash ExerSaucer is a bright, fun-filled entertainment experience that offers developmental and exercise benefits for baby while providing parents with a safer alternative to walkers. Key Features: Rock, spin and bounce actions provide baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen legs, back and neck. Helps baby develop moto ...read more

Learn How to Choose Baby Safety Products You Really Need

The baby safety market is flooded with products. It can be difficult to decide which ones are really necessary and which ones aren’t. Although you can never be too careful – there are some that are more useful and important than others. The first thing to do is look around your home and try to decide where the highest levels of dangers exist. ...read more

Do It Yourself Home Fertility Test

Wow, the Fertell-At Home Fertility Test for Him and Her sounds like a great start for confidential home fertility screening. It claims 95% accuracy. The female test measures th level of folllicle-stimulating hormone, and the guy’s checks the concentration of motile sperm (the guys that get the job done). Experts warn that fertility is more compli ...read more

Floating Raft for Pregnant Moms

This is either incredibly funny, or wildly useful, or maybe both. For the mom-to-be who has everything including a pool and time to lie around in it, this could be a great gift for the last 3 months of pregnancy where everything becomes impossible and frustrating. I love the illustrations, though it looks scarily like you’re leaving the bell ...read more

Baby Products You Don’t Need And Shouldn’t Buy

Before the baby is born many parents buy everything that they possibly can in order to be well prepared. There is a long list of baby products that dads and mom regret buying after they realize how unhelpful these products really are. So if you are on a baby budget or simply don’t want to take the trouble to return the products then simply glance ...read more

Buying Baby Clothes on a Budget

If your spouse is pregnant, this is the best time to start making a list of all the items your new baby will need. On top of the list is, of course, clothes for your baby. Here are some tips on getting good deals on baby clothes. Tip 1: Hand-me-downs Babies grow extremely fast and tend to outgrow their clothes in no time. If a close relative o ...read more

Top 4 Tips on Setting up a Baby Room

If you are anticipating the birth of your new baby, this is a good time for you to start setting up a baby room or nursery. While there are no set standards for baby rooms to follow, you will need to invest thought and care on this project. After all, this is where your baby will spend most of her time.   Here are som ...read more

Six Worst Baby Bedding Mistakes Parents Make

New parents often tend to pick up baby bedding items more for their looks than functionality. However, buying the right kind of baby bedding requires more thought. In fact, your baby's safety and comfort may actually depend on it. Use the following tips to avoid the worst mistakes parents make while buying baby bedding: DON'T ignore safety ...read more

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