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Product Review: Siliskin Glasses

There's a lot to like with new glasses and glass baby bottles from Siliskins. The name derives from the silicon sleeve around every glass. We've been trying to eliminate all plastic from the house. Even when that's not possible, we've quit throwing plastic containers in the dishwasher because of fears of what heat does to release more of the plasti ...read more

Review: Bambino Mio Cloth Diapers

We've always used disposable diapers, but for our youngest, we had heard good things about the Bambino Mio cloth diapers and decided to give it a try. Bambino Mio Cloth Diapering System This is my kind of cloth diaper. They were easy to use - just a cloth diaper to fold (there is a boy/girl fold) and insert into a cover, along with a disposable lin ...read more

Recyclable healthy alternatives to plastics for kids lunches

As an ongoing effort to figure out ways to kick the plastic out of our house, I've been testing other products. It's hard and it's always easy to sacrifice another plastic baggy, but with all the bad news about plastic, I'd like to completely eliminate it in 2010. One option is glass, and we did a review on Pyrex bowls that work well in a lot of s ...read more

Reusable wet bags from Planet Wise and Itzy Ritzy

We've been using these Planet Wise wet bags for about a year to tote wet bathing suits around after every swimming lesson or pool event. The voting is unanimous. My wife, who usually doesn't like more "stuff" thinks they are great. They are reusable and long lasting, and come in 14 color styles Since these came out, there are many other companies g ...read more

Saving money on electricity – dad tips to get kids involved

We’ve been in France this week and I’ve been chasing my kids around in the house where we’re staying to get them to turn off the lights as they go in and out of rooms. While French kids, like kids everywhere, are lazy about recycling and other conservation moves, for some reason, everyone here treats electricity like a running faucet. They ju ...read more

New green gift ideas for Father’s Day

Here are some unconventional ideas for the green dad on your list. For some dads, of course, a home improvement gift is a bit like getting a mixer for mom's day, but, just like a primo Kitchen Aid mixer is a great gift for a baking mom, these gifts can be killer choices for dads who love to tinker and save. Here's a cool toy for the energy sleuth o ...read more

Green Tips for the Holidays

The Holiday Season is upon us! It’s a time when families and friends get together to enjoy tasty treats and exchange gifts. Here are some green tips to help you get through this season: With all the gatherings and parties going on, cleaning is a big concern. Here is a link to a very practical 4-minute video that demonstrates inexpensive no ...read more

Green plants to clean the air at home

There are active ways to go green, and then there are things you can just set up. Growing plants and trees is a good way to help clean the air.Some plants are excellent at cleaning pollution from indoor air. Which ones do the best job? Dr. Bill Wolverton has published the efforts of his team of researchers at NASA to answer that question. His inexp ...read more

More on BPA or Bisphenol-A.

Here is more information on eliminating what appears to be the worst plastic in your drawer: BPA or Bisphenol-A. BPA is a chemical compound used to make polycarbonate plastic. BPA has been linked to cancer, infertility, obesity, and diabetes. In animal studies, BPA has been found to cause the early onset of puberty and stimulate mammary gland devel ...read more

Cloth diapers – the green choice by Alison Manes

Something stinks – let’s look at the environmental impact of diapers by Alison Manes According to disposablediaper.net, 96,090,000 disposable diapers are used every year in the US alone. The third largest single consumer item in landfills, they represent about 4% of solid waste.4 In a household with a child in disposable diapers, disposables c ...read more

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