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Holiday tips for turning naughty children nice

Despite warning your children about the possibility of waking up to stockings full of black coal, no dad really wants to spoil his little ones' Christmas morning - whether they're naughty or nice. But if you would like to shift your children to the nice side of Santa's list prior to Christmas Eve, consider the following behavior-alterin ...read more

Holiday travel tips for flying with young children

The holiday season is upon us, which means that you may be planning family excursions to visit friends and relatives across the country. If you're planning to fly for the first time with your little ones, you've probably heard plenty of horror stories about young children aboard airplanes. To help reduce the holiday stress you're alread ...read more

Oral hygiene and your kids

Let's face it - getting kids to do something that's good for their health can be a real challenge sometimes. As if encouraging them to eating their vegetables and take a bath wasn't bad enough, helping them keep up with good oral hygiene can be a game of cat and mouse. Here are a few simple tips to help making brushing and flossing part ...read more

Can solid foods harm your child? The answer isn’t what you think

If your wife has been breastfeeding for the past several months, you can bet she is ready to switch over to feeding your new baby solid foods. However, this transition requires delicacy in order to make sure your little one doesn't incur any health problems. Start too soon, and you may find your child has difficulty chewing and swallowing whole ...read more

Home baby-proofing – why it’s necessary to prevent a disaster

From an adult's perspective, your home might seem like the perfect example of cleanliness, order and safety, but things change a bit once you factor in the unwavering curiosity of a wandering child. Even the most unthreatening domestic features can become potential death traps if you don't take the appropriate precautions. Here are some bab ...read more

It’s time to educate your children about dealing with strangers

As your little ones begin to grow up and reach the age when they can venture away from Mom and Dad occasionally, you'll want to make sure they're prepared to safely handle themselves around strangers. Whether it's riding bikes around the neighborhood or hanging out at the town playground, your children should be able to recognize and av ...read more

Why celebrating Women’s History Month will earn you dad points

March is almost over, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day with your children. Chances are your young ones are probably participating in some lessons at school in honor of history's most inspiring female leaders, but you may want to consider expanding their education to in ...read more

Is your toddler learning the right words?

Unless you've had experience as an educator specializing in language, the prospect of teaching your child how to speak can seem complex and overwhelming at first. Luckily, you have enough time during the first several months of your baby's life to brush up on some parenting techniques and develop the patience necessary to immerse your child ...read more

Do French parents have an advantage over Americans?

As a father, you've probably heard a million different pieces of advice about how to properly raise your children. Between your family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, child-rearing books and online parenting websites, it seems as if everyone has his or her own style when it comes to parenting. Despite this, it can be truly surprising to ...read more

Handling a fracture or broken bone

As every father knows, children have a tendency to get a little rambunctious. It starts early in their toddler days when an experiment with running can lead to several giggle-inducing laps around the house. Soon, children are out in the yard digging holes, climbing trees, playing tag, racing bikes down the street and building structurally-questiona ...read more

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