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Throw Out Those Baby Bottles

Plastic is scary stuff. It’s around us everywhere, taking the place of natural substances like glass and wood. It’s even hidden in things we cant’ see, like the insides of metal cans. And it’s been around for so long, we no longer even think of it as an unnatural substance. Yet it is unnatural and more and more likely not suited to be u ...read more

Breastfeeding 101 for Dads

Sure, breastfeeding is natural and best for baby, but it’s not always easy for mom — or you. Although it can be difficult to determine exactly what your role is in what often appears to be a mom-centered activity, you play an equally important one. Here’s what you can do to better prepare before and after baby is born. Before baby What da ...read more

Top 4 Myths About Baby Acne

Baby acne, also known as neonatal acne or acne neonatorum, is a common condition seen in newborn babies. Almost 20 percent of newborns suffer from it. Baby acne is characterized by the appearance of pimples or red bumps on the baby's scalp, forehead, and especially the cheeks. A rough skin, along with pustules, whiteheads, and blackheads is also ...read more

Child Development Stages

 As newborn babies grow and develop, these are the various child development stages that they go through:   1-4 Months    Babies in this child development stage have an average length of 50.8 - 68.6 cm, with a growth rate of about 2.54 cm per month. ...read more

When to Worry About Dehydration in Your Baby

P { margin: 0px; } Dehydration refers to a condition when the amount of fluid in a person's body is less than the ideal requirement. Babies and infants are commonly susceptible to dehydration. Dehydration in babies occurs mainly when they take in less fluid than they lose, typically through vomiting, diarrhea, fever, or perspiration. While dehyd ...read more

Cold Symptoms in Babies: Diagnosing Asthma

P { margin: 0px; } Babies are susceptible to respiratory infections and may commonly be seen coughing or wheezing. However, mostly these symptoms are related to colds, or infections of the upper respiratory tract. However, coughing or wheezing may also indicate asthma.   What is asthma? Asthma is a respiratory condition in which the tube ...read more

Sunlight: How Can You Protect Your Baby Against its Ill Effects?

P { margin: 0px; } Even though babies are supposed to stay indoors, warmly cuddled in their mother’s bosoms, they may need to be taken out for regular check-ups to the doctor and other outdoor baby adventures.   Even though sunlight contains vitamin D which is essential to your child’s health, prolonged exposure to sunlight is harmful ...read more

Should You Worry About Your Baby’s Flat Feet?

P { margin: 0px; } The condition of flat feet is characterized by the lack of a normal arch formation in either or both of feet. Flat feet in babies is usually not a matter of concern as most babies have flat feet until the age of two years. Typically, a child’s feet start developing a normal arch by the time the child learns to walk.   ...read more

What to Do If Your Child Has Hiccups

Hiccups are caused by a sudden contraction of the diaphragm, which draws air rapidly into the esophagus. The characteristic squeak occurs because the epiglottis closes rapidly shutting off the influx of air. Young babies frequently get hiccups after a feeding. In most cases, hiccups do not bother babies and require no treatment. They will resolve ...read more

Is Your Baby’s Rash an Indication of a Skin Disease?

P { margin: 0px; } A rash is any bump or eruption of the skin, and is usually red, but can be a shade lighter or darker than skin color. Infants usually experience skin rash at least once, mostly caused by diapers.   Causes The causes of skin rashes include: Diaper rash – Continuous exposure to wet diapers and the interaction of uri ...read more

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