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How to be a “Good” Wife

I couldn't be the father that I am if not for my amazing wife. She has done one key thing that has really enabled me to be an empowered and engaged dad. Unfortunately, supporting me to father in the ways that she has is not instinctual. She's had to go against her deeply wired motherly impulses and I can't thank her enough for it. This week's vi ...read more

Original and Easy Mother’s Day Gifts for Clueless Men

Mother’s Day is almost upon us and you don’t have a clue what to get the most important woman in your life. (Your own Mother is still important, but you can still get away with a “Free Hug” coupon even though you’re 37.) Before you slap the plastic down on the florist’s counter again, think about all your partner has done for you. Reall ...read more

Top 5 iPhone Apps for the Lazy Husband

Throughout the centuries, man has been baffled by the complexities of woman. Her bewitching scent, beguiling eyes and that come hither hip wiggle. Women were made to entice men – and men were made to hunt, gather and mate. Unfortunately for you suckers, times have changed: putting food on the table isn’t enough. We want it all: the ultimate Dad ...read more

Things Men Really Need to Call a Professional For

We all know the scenario: something breaks down, Dad’s in the basement swearing and pounding on something metal with a wrench; Mom’s on the phone with the plumber / electrician / furnace guy. It’s a classic story. Fixing things with tools seems to be a statement of manliness and to tell the truth, that’s how we like it to. Women don’t wan ...read more

The Smart Man’s Guide to Apologizing

So… You screwed up again. It’s okay to admit it. In fact, if you actually admit it, you’re farther down the right track than most men. Kudos! Unfortunately, admitting you’re wrong is often-times not the “best you can do.” Chin up fella, she’ll forgive you, with some encouragement – which in this case means some form of bribery. ...read more

The Reality of Pregnancy: A Week-by-Week Guide to Crazy Ladies and Nursing Bras

Wondering what to expect during your partner’s pregnancy? It’s a good idea to be realistic and expect the worst – then you may be pleasantly surprised. Just for the record, only about 10% of women experience happy, blissful pregnancies. The rest of us experience what I like to call the “year I went crazy.” The beginning… When a wom ...read more

Five Reasons not to Leave Your Wife After Childbirth

Thinking of giving up? Here are the top five reasons not to leave your wife after she gives birth: 1. You don’t want someone else raising your child. The most logical reason for not leaving your new family is just that, to remain a family. Regardless of the situation, leaving ensures that you will not play as large of a role in your child’s ...read more

Top Ten MOM Tips for Getting Laid

After reading the article entitled “Top Ten Dad Tips for Getting Laid”, I thought it best to give some tips from a wife’s point of view. Armed with tips from both of us, you just might get lucky. 1. Date Night: Instead of flowers and champagne, break out some moderately priced wine and plan a night out. Take her to a restaurant and hold ha ...read more

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P { margin: 0px; } Please read this User Agreement before using this Service. By continuing to use GreatDad.com, you agree to abide by the conditions of this User Agreement.   GREATDAD.COM SERVICE USER AGREEMENT 1. Welcome to GreatDad.com (“GD”, “Service” or “we”). By using this Service, you agree to be bound by all of ...read more

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