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Planning for college at age 3 months

Already you say? Still trying to finance that mini-van? Yes, you need to get at this today, and I say this as someone who is ruefully eying our own 529 Plan savings accounts for our two kids, ages 11 and 15. If you start early, thanks to the magic of compounding, you may just have enough money to cover the projected $338,000 for four years at a pub ...read more

My son is reading – oh, no!

My 7 year old son is reading aloud! I should be so proud. Yet, he is reading the prose of Super Baby Diaper 2, another semi-literate installment in the Captain Underpants series. I cringe at every sentence beginning with "Me want…," and yet I'm glad he's reading something other than those other puerile Scholastics "classics," the retelling of St ...read more

College Savings Nightmare(Video)

Daddy Troy and Daddy Clay offer a few strategies on how to pay for college tuition and other school expenses. Learn about options including savings, financial aid, and 529 plans for financing higher education.

9 things for kids to NEVER buy used

It's almost always a good idea to shop used, especially for kid stuff, since they grow out of it so quickly. However, there are things best left behind on your trip to the neighborhood garage sale. Cribs and children’s furniture - Only because you may not be aware of safety recalls. If you buy, be aware. Car seats - a good, new car seat can ...read more

Five new ways to cut family budget and expenses

Here are five more things to consider when paring back expenses this year. 1. Be cooperative. Coops of all sorts are a great way to cut spending Kids clothes and toys are a very popular trade and use category. And babysitting is a natural since it's almost always easier to take care of your own kids when they have someone to play with. Take the le ...read more

Frugal Dad – save money by swapping baby clothes

Shopping for kids clothes is not only never-ending, it's also very expensive. There are ways to reduce the latter problem, by shopping sales that occur as the season is just getting underway, for example. Another way the internet makes possible is clothes swapping sites. Try www.SwapThing.com for example This Bay Area company si a site for trading ...read more

How much to charge your kids if they move back in with you after graduation?

There are certainly days when I look forward to the kids moving out and giving me a little peace and quiet. That day will come soon enough - they are 5 and 9 now - and off they will go to college. More and more in this economy, kids are moving back home after school after they find that jobs are scarce, or maybe that mom or dad will still do their ...read more

Eight ways to save money you may not have thought of

Here are some dad advice and ways to save money that you might not have thought of: Shop consignment stores: Not thrift stores, where used merchandise donated for charity is piled high at bargain prices. Consignment stores are more choosey at what they take in and arrange it more as a store. Sure, you can't find all sizes, but you can find item ...read more

Four Financial Tricks to Make Your Child Money-Savvy

Jonathan Clements, in the Wall Street Journal today, had some useful reminders for moms and dads trying to teach their kids good money skills. We actually practice some of these on our eight-year old. Our friend, Harvey Beck at ActiveAllowance.com writes a lot in his blog about his money experiments on his two boys and finds that a lot of these str ...read more

Seismic economic shift to create more stay-at-home dads

When we first created GreatDad.com three years ago, we said there were four underlying forces that would fuel a trend to more involved fathers in the 21st century: 1. Changing role of women in the workplace and continued evolution toward income parity (and maybe superiority) 2. Lack of job security in a post-industrial economy with far less emphasi ...read more

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