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Cruising along

Your baby is thirty-two weeks old. Soon after birth, babies start to develop newer abilities, and learn new skills. Having mastered 'cruising',  it won't be long before baby starts walking. And before you know it your child's status will have been upgraded from baby to toddler.

Boon Flo

Boon Flo provides a simple solution to make your baby's bath time more fun. It deflects the flow of water to create a gentle waterfall for easy rinsing. It also functions as a bubble bath dispenser. Its soft material guards against injury. Boon Flo attaches easily to most bathtub faucets.

Crib safety

The safety of your baby, while left unattended in his crib, is always a concern. You can ensure your child’s safety by taking safeguards to avoid accidents. These are among the things you can do: Ensure that the crib rails are high enough to prevent your baby from climbing over them. Do not leave pillows or mattresses that can make it easy for ...read more

Experience dad’s best joys

Your baby is growing up. While so far your journey as a dad has had both ups and downs,  we bet you've enjoyed every bit of it. Click to read some reasons why it's fun to be a parent and also add your own.

Respond to your Baby’s Talk

Your baby is forty-three weeks old. You might notice your baby talking most of the time. Don't be disappointed that a lot of it sounds like gibberish. Babies actually love trying to imitate the sounds they hear around them. Responding to babies encourages them to keep trying till they are actually able to form the words they wants to say.

First Years Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit

The First Years Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit provides you with a complete set of wellness and grooming items to make it easier to care for your baby. Its zippered case with labeled holders helps you to keep everything organised and take with you.

How can you Trim your Baby’s Nails without causing hurt?

Even when babies are young, their nails are quite sharp. This can easily lead to babies injuring either themselves or adults who are handling them. To avoid this, it is essential that you start trimming children’s nails from the time they are still young.  Do not attempt to cut your baby’s nails with scissors or anything else that is like ...read more

Help your Baby Communicate with You

As babies grow up, their efforts at communication become increasingly complex. Apart from trying to speak, they may also attempt use gestures to convey. These are some of the ways in which babies may try to communicate with you: Producing sounds that are recognizable such as “dada,” “mama,” etc. Using facial expressions to communicate t ...read more

Teach your Toddler to be Gentle

Your toddler is 85 weeks old. While he generally welcomes the company of other people his excitement  could cause him to become over-boisterous. It is up to you to teach him to be gentler and more well-behaved in his interactions with others. Also supervise his interaction with other children so that he doesn't bully over them, and enco ...read more

How you can Learn About your Child’s Fears and Soothe Them

Separation anxiety and bedtime fears are not the only bogeymen that plague toddlers. Simple things like loud and big moving objects, huge bodies of water, or friendly, approaching animals can trigger the fear button in children. Don't panic, scold, or ridicule them; remember it is a normal part of development. While your children are dealing with e ...read more

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