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Seismic Economic Shift to Create More Stay-At-Home Dads

When we first created GreatDad.com three years ago, we said there were four underlying forces that would fuel a trend to more involved fathers in the 21st century: Changing role of women in the workplace and continued evolution toward income parity (and maybe superiority) Lack of job security in a post-industrial economy with far less em ...read more

Top Five Tips for Dads on Balancing Life and Work

Most modern day dads and especially new dads would love to spend time with their kids. However, the work schedule usually prevents dads from balancing life and work. Time flies and before they know it, most dads find that their kids have already grown up. Their desire to make time for those magic years never materialized. Balancing life and work ...read more

Top Three Advantages of Working from Home – for Individuals

There are several advantages to working from home or telecommuting. Here is a list of the top three advantages: 1. Freedom from Workplace Stress When a group works in the same physical space, the organization needs rules to ensure a smooth work flow. Consequently, some individuals may have to strain themselves to fit in. Companies cannot accomm ...read more

Top Three Difficulties of Working from Home

While working from home brings benefits like family time, sometimes these very benefits can turn into difficulties. Here is a list of the top three difficulties faced by home entrepreneurs: 1. Work-Life Balance While your work-from-home idea stemmed from your desire to balance your work and family life, working from home can tilt the balance co ...read more

Top Three Distractions to Avoid when Working from Home

You may have opted to work from home for a number of reasons like getting away from workplace stress, reducing commute time, gaining more income, or gaining more family time. However, work-from-home can be fraught with distractions that could mar your venture. Here are the top three distractions to avoid: 1. Taking Frequent Snack Breaks Many h ...read more

Top Three Web Based Work from Home Ideas for Dads

The Internet has opened doors to many work-from-home occupations. Here is a list of the most popular web-based businesses, requiring very basic academic qualifications: 1. Data Entry This job involves information processing. Qualifications required include familiarity with a word processing software, a spreadsheet software, and some t ...read more

Top Three Drawbacks of Working from Home – for Individuals

Working from Home or telecommuting can have drawbacks both for the individual as well as for the company. Here is a list of the top three drawbacks for individuals: 1. Overwork If extra hours of work translate into more money, people have a tendency to overwork. Spending time with the family cannot be reduced to mere proximity. ...read more

How to Choose your Work-from-Home Job

Most people wishing to work-from-home or telecommute start with a state of confusion. There are so many work-from-home scams that most newbies end up burning their fingers at their initial attempt to set up home businesses. If you wish to stay away from the scams, the first rule is to avoid the get-rich-quick schemes. Focusing on job s ...read more

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That's a very interesting method. Wish I had check
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Hey, I think I used almost all the methods you men
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I agree with the overwork part. It's been 8 months
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Dude, u better get your vacation quick before you
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That's a genuinely impressvie answer.
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