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5 sports for uncoordinated kids

Let’s face it, there are many kids out there who are uncoordinated, clumsy and just plain unathletic. But experts and veteran parents agree – there is a sport or activity for every kid, no matter how physically challenged he or she is.

The best parenting advice tip is to work with your child to find something that he or she will enjoy and has the potential to be good at, with practice. This may involve a bit of research and trial and error on your part.

Experts say it’s best to consider your child’s personality and social skills when choosing an activity.

Some good options include:
1. Martial arts. Sports like karate and tae kwon do can help kids gain confidence and learn self-defense. The many disciplines of the martial arts also focus on inner strength, which is something even the clumsiest kid can draw on and benefit from.

2. Golf. This sport is based on technique and can help kids learn patience, judgment, honesty and integrity. It’s also a great sport to play as a family and can be enjoyed at any age.

3. Swimming provides a great cardiovascular workout and has been shown to help improve mental and emotional health. It’s a great social activity, can be competitive and can be practiced all year long with an indoor pool.

4. Bowling is easy to learn can provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

5. Ice skating. Kids as young as three can learn to ice skate. This sport helps with balance, coordination and endurance.

Remember that kids need to be physically active to be healthy. The right sport can help them make friends, build character and learn responsibility.