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5 things to stress to your kids on Halloween night

Halloween is here yet again, which means hours of putting together costumes and buying enough candy to satisfy the neighborhood's sugar-crazed mobs of kids. Being a good dad on Halloween can be tough – you have to walk the line between strict and lenient. While dads want their kids to have fun, make sure you stress these five points with your tykes, tweens and teens.

1. Tell them to be safe
Safety on Halloween is of the utmost importance. This means not running in the road, wearing something reflective and sticking with their friends or supervising adult.

2. Tell them to mind their manners
Yeah, they're going to get some apples, trail mix or other lame treats, but the fact that they're getting anything at all is pretty cool. A "Thanks" is always in order.

3. Force siblings to get along
Like any other social event, Halloween is another opportunity for the older sibling to shut the younger one out. If your kids are trick-or-treating together and you're not the accompanying parent, make sure they understand the rules: sibling harmony or no candy for anyone.

4. Set a candy consumption limit
This can be hard to monitor, but too many chocolate bars and an upset stomach isn't fun for you or your kid.

5. Remind them about oral hygiene
Halloween is a dentist's worst nightmare. Make sure your kids brush thoroughly and floss before bed – sticky, chewy candy is often the worst offender.