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How to bond with your young son during football season

The fall football season is officially in full swing, which means dads across the country will be retiring to their man caves in order to enjoy some exciting games. Between hard days at the office and evenings forced into diaper duty, these precious moments in front of the boob tube are necessary.

Of course, those of us with younger sons may be wondering how to spend some quality time with them while still getting to watch the game. Why not combine the two? Here's how to impart your gridiron wisdom to your inquiring, wide-eyed child.

1) Give him a sip of beer. The national drinking age may still be 21, but teens usually find a way to get their hands on alcohol once they hit high school. Let him taste test some fine brew now and he'll be sure to know the difference between a Bud Light and Blue Moon when he gets his first fake ID.

2) Purchase matching recliners. One of the best features of watching football is being able to sit back in your La-Z-Boy, put your feet up, and become one with the remote control. Tell the wife you're buying two comfy chairs in order to bond with your boy, and it's unlikely she'll put up a fight. When the kid is upstairs doing homework, use the additional furniture as a place to hold your six pack.

3) Educate him about the cheerleaders. If you've got a favorite team, chances are you never miss a halftime show. From the Laker Girls to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, watching hot women wearing next to nothing is an integral part of the experience. Inform him on their names and stats and surprise him with a pop quiz later.

Of course, men can also just mark off Monday nights on their calendars as a time to spend some moments with their child before he's begging for the car keys and running out the door. Pre-adolescence is often the last time fathers and sons get to truly bond, so use the time wisely.

And hey, if you've got a baseball fan on your hands, it's only six short months until the new season is underway.