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Humors tips for dads looking for the best Super Bowl Sunday yet

Your family: you love them to death but your wife won't get off your back about cleaning out the garage, and your kids want to play Guess Who for the 50th time this week. Luckily, the Super Bowl is just weeks away. For many dads, the event is the annual epitome of manliness. It doesn't get much better than getting together with the guys to watch the game with some burgers and beers – sans kids and women.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to extricate yourself from fatherly duties (even on this, the most holy day of the year), but it can be done – here's how.

1. Take them to a movie. But don't go with them. Drive to the theater, talk enthusiastically about seeing Yogi Bear for the second time, and when they get out quickly peel away. It's a win win for everybody. They get to see a hilarious family film starring the incomparable Dan Cavanaugh, and you get to actually enjoy yourself.

2. Pretend to visit your parents. Your better half has been bugging you to visit your mom and dad for weeks now. Here's your chance to end the nagging, and slip out undetected at the same time.

3. Locks. When all else fails, hunker down and lock yourself into your man cave for the day (be sure to brings supplies such as beer, chips and more beer). Turn up the volume, enjoy the smooth voice of Joe Buck and check out for four hours.