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How to prepare your young adult for their move to a big city

Author Contributing Authors
Submitted 03-05-2021
move to a big city

Parenting comes with many responsibilities. Parents want what is best for their children and want to give them a foundation for a successful life. Eventually, however, the little birds need to leave the nest. When your child goes out on their own, there is much preparation that needs to be done beforehand. There are several pieces of advice that you can use to help prepare your young adult to move to a big city.

Finding an apartment

Before you and your child begin the moving process, conducting pertinent research is essential. When they move to a big city like New York, the cost will likely be significant. For example, in the third quarter of 2017, the average sale price of a condo in an existing building in Manhattan was around $1.9 million. A rental property is much more realistic for them. Consider an apartment outside of the city for a more affordable situation.

When your young adult is researching apartments, there are a number of things to consider. Research the area that the apartment resides. Does this area have a high crime rate? What businesses, such as stores and restaurants, are around? By answering these questions, you and your child can make an informed decision.

Using public transportation

When your child makes this move to a big city, they will have to find a way to get around. In cities like New York, driving your own car is not always feasible. Finding a place to park can be extremely difficult. In this instance, utilizing the city’s public transportation system is a great option.

Using the city buses or subway can be a quick and convenient daily travel method. When you do use them, you will need to have a plan in place. You will have to adapt to their schedules and link them up with yours. For example, you may not be able to find a bus that will take you directly to your destination. In this case, you may have to take multiple routes. Your child needs to understand how public transportation works, and they should also invest in a bus and/or subway pass once they move.

Budgeting money

The move to a big city can be quite a costly endeavor. Rent has the potential to be a thorn in the side of someone. Your child will need enough money to maintain their housing situation while also taking care of all other necessary expenses. It is important that they keep a balanced budget.

When you have a budget, you can allow certain amounts for different expenses. Allot a modest amount for their entertainment and activities. Your young adult may be a video game enthusiast who enjoys trying new games. Minecraft is incredibly popular among youth, as it has sold over 200 million copies as of May 2020. They will have to be smart and sensible regarding their spending on extracurricular activities.

Staying safe

One of, if not the most, important responsibilities of a parent is keeping your children safe. When they are young, you have near-complete control of their safety. As they grow into adulthood and move to a big city, they will not need you hovering over them. This does not mean that you will be any less concerned about their well-being.

Before the move, make sure they are well-informed about their safety. Research the area and find out what sections are best left avoided. While it is important to be friendly, they cannot be too trusting. Two to three million temporary restraining orders are administered each year in the United States. This can be extreme, but it shows how things can escalate. They should be apprehensive about who they let into their lives.

Being yourself in a new place

While this new move to a big city brings a lot of changes, your child should learn to still be themselves. We all have a unique perspective that we bring to the world. They can bring their own uniqueness as they embark on this new journey. Just by showing your support, you will help them tremendously.

As your child turned young adult prepares to move to a big city, offer advice and help. It can be a stressful process for both you and your young adult, so be conscious but have fun as you search for apartments and job opportunities together.