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Sex Challenge!

Here’s a link to send to your spouse, especially if you’re ready to try anything to get “sex” back in the phrase “sex life.” Mrs. Young (obviously a pseudonym), in her most recent column, as she always does, refers to the sagging love lives of new parents. She suggests reading such recent books as  365 Nights and Just Do It, both books on couples who made planned effort to have sex every day for an extended length of time. If you mentioned these books to your wife as well, you likely got the same nonplussed reaction I did. It sounded more like a desperate trick than a real romantic plan for greater intimacy.

Well, maybe then, this “challenge” from Cookie Magazine is more in the range of at least conceivable. First of all, it’s coming from a “girl magazine,” so it might have more street cred than if you leave a copy of Men’s Health lying around so that she sees their promotion of every other day ejaculation for a healthy prostate. Second, there’s a prize attached! Three days in Jamaica just for having sex seven times in seven days. Of course, the prize is a sweepstakes that will be won by some woman who has entered the contest without performing the requirements, but you don’t have to tell her that.

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