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Research story on stay-at-home dads

I am a graduate student seeking for volunteers for my research
about resilience in fathers who were neglected as children and do not go on to neglect or hurt their
own children. Volunteers should be currently married and have at least one child between the ages of
3 to 15 under their care. As a Volunteer, you will be asked to participate in a phone screening
procedure. If you are found to match the study criteria, you will be invited to participate in a
confidential interview of up to 1.5 to 2 hours, scheduled at your convenience.

My hope is
that this study will contribute to our understanding of resilience in men. It also may offer you an
opportunity to reflect on your personal experience and strengths. A sum of $30 will be given at the
end of the interview as my way of thanking you for your involvement in my study. I will be glad to
answer any question you may have.

If you are interested to help me in research for stay at home dads, please respond to research_fathers@yahoo.com

Ili Bar-Sade